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About Archer Mayo Charity Benefit Auctioneer

Deepen community | Amplify mission | Raise money

Archer is a bold voice and community advocate for the arts and education industries. Having been involved in the non-profit, education, arts, and fundraising world since 1992, Archer brings an insider perspective and deep experience to designing fundraising events that ignite an environment of fun, connection, and generosity. 

Acting as an extension of the gala team, Archer works closely with each organization to craft the event around a central narrative and moment of ask that intertwines guests to the fundraising cause and the community. His strong ties to the industries he serves further embeds him with each organization's mission and creates genuine commonality with their event attendees. By pulling out the heart of attendees' dedication to the cause and allowing them to understand the ripple of their contributions, Archer designs each event with a foundation of reciprocity, creativity, and generosity. 

Archer prides himself on being adaptable to any unanticipated variables throughout the evening. Whether it’s sound system failure or dinner running late, he’s committed to carry the event through to the end leaving guests feeling light, energized, and looking forward to the following year! Together, Archer and his team of bidders work to achieve your fundraising goals so you can proudly carry on your mission through an event that sparks conversation and anticipation year after year. 

Relevant experience and accreditation: 

Professionally Accredited Auctioneer & Fundraising Event Producer certified by the Worldwide College of Auctioneering, Mason City, Iowa

30+ years as a professional artist 

30+ years as a non-profit organizational leader 

Leadership role in founding a 501(c)(4) community arts organization

Leadership role in founder a 501(c)(3) Montessori school 

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