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Archer Mayo Charity Benefit Auctioneer for the Arts & Education

Deepen community | Amplify mission | Raise money


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Archer in Action

Charity benefit auctioneer serving the Columbia River Gorge, Portland, Vancouver, and surrounding areas. 

Archer is a bold voice and community advocate for the arts and education industries. As an experienced auctioneer, Archer designs event experiences that ignite an environment of fun, connection, and generosity by pulling out the heart of attendees dedication to the cause and allowing them to receive back the generosity they give out.

"Archer goes so above and beyond in what he does for us. Every year he carries the room and makes the auction."

"Archer does such a great job working the crowd and getting everybody involved."

Your live auction and moment of ask is guaranteed to be:

Mission Driven

Your mission will be woven into the evening's central narrative by connecting guests to the heart of your organization, connecting community through shared beliefs, and reinforcing the big picture ripple of each contribution.

Creative & fun

Archer's years of auctioneering experience allow for a level of play and flow that creates an entertaining atmosphere of good humor, enthusiasm, and a bit of edge! Whatever the evening brings, he's committed to carrying each event through on fun and celebratory note.

make money

Archer works with each organization to reach their fundraising goals and understands the inherently high stakes of each event. Fundraising appeals are designed around a moment of ask that builds momentum and challenges guests to give in a way that's fun, edgy, rewarding, and creative.

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